The Complete Guide to Head Cones For Dogs

What is a head cone for dogs and why do dogs need them?

A plastic head cone for dogs is a medical device used to protect the dog’s head during recovery. The plastic head cone is made of strong, thick plastic that will not easily break or tear. It allows the dog to move around freely without having to worry about stepping on grass or plants or getting dirty.

It also keeps other dogs from coming up and sniffing the wound on the dog’s head. This is important because it can cause infections if dogs share wounds.

The possibility of using a dog cone is for avoiding having to take your dog to the vet whenever it suffers from a minor injury. The use of a dog cone can also be helpful when dealing with behavioral problems, such as when the dog is being aggressive toward other dogs or people. In this case, putting a dog cone on will not only keep others away from the dog but will also help teach the dog that its behavior is unacceptable.

head cones for dogs
Head cones for dogs

Comfortable Cones For Dogs reduce the risk of injury

Comfortable plastic cones for dogs are not just a good idea but an essential one. When your pet is injured, you want to keep it from falling or jumping down any stairs, or doing anything else that might worsen the injury. After an accident, your pet might need to wear a comfortable plastic dog cone for several weeks. If you are lucky, your vet will bring one to the hospital, but he may ask you to buy one before you go home.

You can buy dog coYou can buy dog cones at Walmart or on Amazon, but they are really just small plastic cones. You can make your own dog cone easily that will be much more comfortable for your pet.

Dog head cones keep pets at home during their recovery

The plastic head cone can also be used to protect your pet’s surgical wound during recovery from surgery. During recovery, dogs must avoid putting pressure on their surgical wounds for at least a couple of weeks so that they have ample time to heal properly without being disturbed by walking or running around too much.

Use a dog cone to protect a dog from licking a sore

If your dog has some sort of skin condition and you need some help keeping him from licking, scratching, and/or biting at himself, this head cone is a safe and effective solution. It is lightweight, can be washed with soap and water, and will not allow your pet to get into any trouble while wearing it because he cannot get his mouth over his head (and therefore cannot get into trouble).

Soft cones for dogs provide another option to owners

Soft cones are great because they look less freaky on a dog.

Some dog owners are looking for soft cones for dogs. These are much more comfortable, but they are also much more expensive. Soft cones for dogs are available in pet stores and online. They come in a variety of sizes to fit different-sized dogs.

A dog can’t chew through a soft cone for dogs, so it’s safer than the hard plastic types. If you have a dog that likes to chew things, you might want to buy him a soft cone for dogs. The cost is higher than the hard plastic ones, but if your dog chews on things, it can be worth it.

The soft cone for dogs is made of a single piece of material like cotton or canvas and is lined with foam around the edges. You can get them in bright colors and patterns that some owners may like; others won’t care about this feature.

How to use a dog head cone

The head cone for dogs is very easy to use. It comes in two pieces that are held together with Velcro straps. One-piece covers the front half of the dog’s face, while the other piece covers the back half of its face. Then, you simply wrap it around your pet’s head and strap it together behind its neck with Velcro straps. It should be loose enough so that your pet can eat, but it should not be so loose that it falls off every time your pet moves its head.

grayscale photography of short-coated dog

A dog wearing a head cone does not mean it is aggressive or dangerous

Some dog owners are upset when they see a dog wearing a head cone. They imagine the worst and feel sorry for the dog. But a dog wearing a head cone is not necessarily sick or injured, aggressive or dangerous.

Once in a while, an animal will get hurt badly enough that the cone is needed to protect its neck while it heals. But most of the time, the cone is only to let people know that this animal has been injured, and they shouldn’t get too close (and maybe shouldn’t pet it) until the wound heals up.

A dog who has been prescribed a cone to wear after surgery or injury may be very self-conscious about it. She may try to hide it under chairs or behind her back, and if she can’t do that, slink off to a quiet place to nurse her wound in private.

What are dog head cone brands on the market and where to buy?

It is important that you know what size head cone your dog needs before purchasing one so you don’t end up spending money on an item that won’t work effectively. If your dog has a normal-sized head you should purchase the standard sized cone. If your dog has a very large head you should purchase the extra-large size, even.

Main dog head cone brands:

  • ARRR
  • Alfie Pet
  • Katoggy
  • Fezep

The pet shop where you purchase your dog’s supplies should have a wide selection of these cones, in different sizes and colors. There are also online pet supply stores that offer a variety of plastic head cones for dogs. You can choose the size and color you prefer and have these shipped directly to your home. participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.